Closet Therapy. If digging through your closet is frustrating and you despise everything in your closet, this is the right service for you. From the perfect “going out” outfit to ideal everyday go-to looks, I can help you fine-tune your wardrobe with a fresh perspective on your current wardrobe and what your future wardrobe will look like. You will no longer dread getting ready or planning future occasions as your closet will finally work for you and your lifestyle.

Personal shopper  Shop like a celebrity, while saving time and money! Before your appointment we spend some time talking about your needs, style preferences, colors, interests and budget  We have our list we put together from your closet session or phone consultation to help our mission. We then go shopping together or I go a little bit prior to get us started. I can also bring your otpions to your home for even more conveinance. You choose only what you love and I return the rest. Every piece is presentd to you based on your needs and budget. The clothes are going to work for YOUR lifestyle.

Remix Wardrobe Here is a great way to update your favorites by mixing in some fresh new pieces. Or maybe you’re not 100% sure how to pull an outfit together once you get it home from the store. I'm happy to help you fine-tune your look. We can also take pictures of the outfits we create so you will always have them to refer to. Some clients like to print out the photos and keep it handy in the closet to reference to.

Seasonal Edit Let’s keep your look fresh every season! As the colors and styles change, I can look through your closet and pinpoint what you have and what you might need to bring into your wardrobe to keep you looking your best all year. We can spend some time online, looking through magazines and you will have a list of your items you will need to complete the current season.

Vacation, Corporate, weekend get away packing Don't know what to bring? overwhelmed with the thought of just a carry on? Have you over packed and still have nothing to wear? I will come over and pull your outfits for your trip, all done in less then an hour.

A gift card surprise your wife,co-workers, friends or family member with a gift card for a personal shopping session or maybe just a consultation at the home on what they can do to get there wardrobe working for them. I’m very flexible with the clients needs and will accommodate them however possible.