What is the best process for starting my wardrobe revamp? I want to know I have all the right pieces in my closet so I don’t stress out when it comes to getting dressed everyday. Starting in your closet is the best place to really understand where you have been with your wardrobe and where we need to take it. I get a sense of what you have felt comfortable in the past buying and just take it up a few notches. I can also go through your pieces and explain to you why you should not repurchase certain styles, colors and trends. We will also move around your wardrobe to make it navigate for you only holding on to the pieces we can make work with new future clothes. Based on your needs we can schedule our shopping together, or even make a list that you can start online shopping for. If you want a little time online together we can also go over what we discussed and get you started that day. You will feel 100% relieved and recharged to get that closet of yours working for you again!

I want to buy a gift card for my mother, wife, family or friends, what should I start with? I highly suggest the closet therapy gift card. Your closet is the first place you start daily with your wardrobe. It’s important that it’s in top notch shape for all future purchases.

Can I just have you come to my closet and help me purge? I’ve held on to much over the years and I’m afraid to throw out something that might be better to hold on to. I work all the time with clients who just need some major purging, years and many closets of holding on to “the idea” they may need something again someday. I will help you get through the process and advise you on the different avenues of donation.

Can we just meet at the mall and shop for my upcoming trip, season, special occasion, family reunion etc? Yes, on many occasions I have had a phone interview or email chain and we go over exactly what we need to accomplish. I have yelp reviews with clients that I met for the first time and successfully dressed them.

Where do you take us shopping? The goal is to completely satisfy you, the client. This is your service. I am going to take you where you feel financially comfortable, clothing that works for your lifestyle and styles that make you shine in your own personal style. If you have ideas and want to collaborate I am always open to new boutiques, shops etc.


Rita Hibdon
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